Garment Care

Garment Care

The clothes you pick is an extension of your personality and how you choose to present yourself to the world on a daily basis. 

Caring for your wrap apparels can make a huge difference in maintaining its longevity and wear. To ensure that your Florette The Label pieces remains in its best possible condition over an extended period of time, please observe the following care advice below:

Washing Instructions

  • All pieces can be machine-washed.
  • Place the apparels in a separate washing net to avoid excess tugging which may cause the garments to overstretch or lose its shape
  • We recommend that you select the "Delicate spin" mode, which is available in most washing machine mode
  • Separate your laundry by colours (eg; light vs dark) to avoid colours from other garments to transfer to your garment.

Ironing Instructions

  • We pride ourselves in selecting garments that are not only comfortable to wear in the tropics, but they are also iron-free.
  • However, in some case, the fabrics may have minimal creases in them. Should any ironing is required to smooth out these minor creases, we recommend that you iron them in low heat.