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Great for dinner parties and formal occasions

Love this dress and would have given it 5 stars, except that the material feels slightly thinner than the other wrap dresses that I have. Would wear it for a fancy dinner date :)

Love it

Fits me perfectly! Love the material as I hate ironing!! I lost 25lbs and it’s time for a new wardrobe!

Classy design, limited stretch

Love the design but due to my broader shoulders, I find the material to limit my shoulder-arm range of movement.

Dedaun Sleeveless Wrap Top

This top really caught me by surprise the moment it arrived. Very soft and comfortable fabric, enhances all the right curves, covers the mid-section and oh so feminine!

Very nicely fitted. Love the length and patterns

Mandarin Collar & Wrap Brings Elegance, Professionalism!

In the world of the digital, especially when its mostly showing up to clients on the screen, the mandarin collar provides a touch of elegance and professionalism to my work wear. The wrap and stretchy materials makes the dress easy to wear and comfortable throughout the day. A perfect choice for work wear, the occasional lunches and dinners.

Love it!

Love the design of this, and the fit is great too! The length is just nice for my height.

ComfyLite Caftan

Very comfortable caftan that accentuates the figure with the drawstring. However, I would prefer if there's less material so that it is lighter.

My Trusted Seller!

Have bought few pieces from Florette The Label and I’m looking forward to buy more! This particular design is classy and sophisticated. Love it!

Beautiful dress

Love how the weight of the material makes the dress hang. Very flattering as it hides many bumps!

Pink flamingo shorts

Comfy but hard to make the ribbon looks nice

Phoebe Flounce Wrap Dress (Mocha)

Love ittt!!!

Genuinely love this dress, it's very comfortable to wear even outside under the sun, colours are good contrast as well and it's so easy to match it with accessories 😍 have repeat order for a different pattern

Tory wrap romper

Fits well. The side zip is a surprise but don't think it's necessary. Love it... hope to get new designs on romper


Amazing, comfortable and pretty. Will buy more

Opulent Washable Silk Wrap Dress

Opulent Washable Silk Wrap Dress

Love the softness of the fabric !

All dresses was perfectly packed.. very good material. Love it!

Phoebe Flounce Wrap Dress (Scarlet)

Superb cutting... nice material... worth buying... 🥰🥰🥰 5 stars

Pink wrap dress

The salmon pink colour is very pretty and the dress fits perfectly. My only complaint is that the dash is not long enough to wrap around the back.

Fuschia love pleated midi wrap dress

Love this. So vibrant and material is nice.❤️

Sleeveless Twist Front Top (Vivid Teal)
Sleeveless twist front top

Loved the colour and material and style, but Unfortunately it’s a bit too short. Needs to be longer.

Lovely! Would have been perfect if available in size XS

Versatile Dayra Satin Top

I always love Florette's choice of material for all your pieces. This one is so comfortable even on the hottest day! It can go with skirts or just a pair of jeans. I will tie a knot on the side for a different look or just leave it hanging loose on chill days!

Flowy Linen Wrap Skirt (Off-white)
Lovely Flowy Linen Wrap Skirt

I really love this piece as the material is so nice to wear and the color just matches with any top I like. I tucked in my T-shirts and the ribbon really makes a difference and stood out beautifully ! Please do have more of this type of wrap skirts made out of Linen. Totally love it!