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Dress your best using the Golden Ratio

"Fashion is architecture- it's a matter of proportions." Coco Chanel

How many times have you gotten dressed, and look up to the mirror thinking something is 'off' with your outfit? Well, the answer to it is it may be the proportions that are not working in favour of your body type.

When combining separate pieces into an ensemble, do keep in mind the simple rule of the thirds. It is of little surprise that the rule of third have been widely employed for some of the most visually pleasing aesthetics in the world ranging from the Eiffel Tower to a sunflower.

The iconic Eifel Tower and its Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio in the creation of Mother Nature

The rule of a thirds simply states that when combining an outfit, the top should constitute 1/3 of the total length and 2/3 dedicated to the bottom half.The length of the body is calculated from shoulders to heels (so yes, the height of your shoes play a role!).

If we see the example below, the model is wearing the same top, just different bottom to illustrate the effect of dressing in rule of thirds. I think we can come to a common agreement that the image on far right is probably the most visually pleasing.

Rule of dressing up in the Golden Ratio

The rule of thirds doesn't apply when combining separates. Even if you're wearing a dress, you can throw in a belt at where it sits 1/3 from your shoulders, hence applying the Golden Ratio to your outfit.

Try on this trick and you may be surprised with the outcome.