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Science of Skincare: What You Need for Flawless Skin (according to over a dozen of dermatologists!)

How often do we get bombarded by skincare companies on the so-called discovery of a revolutionary anti-aging superhero? From mushrooms to snail mucus to acai, what does it take to properly take care of your skin so that it still looks as good as today, 10 years from now?

According to dermatologist and skincare experts, there are 2 things to look out to achieve that healthy skin:

1) Retinoids

Retinoids was popular sine the 1970s and was first discovered to combat acne. Researchers and dermatologist then realised that this ingredient brought a noteable change to patient's skin; minimised wrinkles and fine lines. Definitely a win for adult acne sufferers.

According to the Telegraph, both retinoids and retinols are derivative of Vitamin A, a natural compound found in the human body. They work by increasing your cell turnover and removing any old ones. They also stimulate collagen, which gives your skin that firm plumpness and smooths out fine lines, and correct pigmentation. 

While this ingredient has received buzz over the years, it should be used with caution as it may cause skin sensitivity and is not advised for pregnant or breast-feeding mothers.


2) Sunscreen

It is evident that the sun is the number 1 cause of aging (probably bad news for people who love the beach). According to this article, sunscreens comes in chemical filters such as avobenzone and oxtinoxate or physical blockers, such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

Sunscreen works by blocking and absorbing UV rays through a combination of physical and chemical particles. 


Most experts recommend up to SPF 50 daily use as it already fends off 97% of harmful UVA and UVBs. No amount of sunscreen is effective in preventing 100% of UVs. 

The above 2 ingredients are probably worth incorporating into your skincare regime if you haven't already done so. While these are important things to add into your regimen, a basic regimen of cleansing, toning and moisturising must not be overlooked.