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The History of a Fashion Staple- The Wrap Dress

The wrap dress has come a long way since the 1970s and has earned its spot as a fashion staple- beside it's other sibling, The Little Black Dress.

This curve-complimenting, neck-lengthening, waist-trimming garment has accomplished more for women than any other piece of clothing. There's a reason why the dress stood the test of time and is doned by iconic women till today including Paris Hilton, Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama.

wrap-dress-malaysia, online-fashion-malaysia, printed-wrap-dress

Kate Middleton in one of DVFs pieces, which quickly sold out storewide

The wrap dress is of course synonymous with Diane Von Furstenberg, an immigrant who arrived in New York in her suitcase full of printed jerseys that she worked with her friend at an Italian mill. Who knew that by the end of the 1970’s Von Furstenberg had sold well over a million of her signature garment that became the hallmark of the 70s? 

wrap-dress-malaysia, online-fashion-malaysia, printed-wrap-dress

One of Von Furstenberg's first campaign; Feel like a woman, wear a dress


wrap-dress-malaysia, online-fashion-malaysia, printed-wrap-dress

Pioneering days in the 1970s

Fashion critics commented that the arrival of the dress was of perfect timing- it filled in a much-needed fashion gap for beautiful yet professional workwear for the career-oriented woman.

The way the dress is constructed with the sash allowed women to enter a boardroom looking professional, feminine without being overexposed. In other words, the dress is a perfect marriage to make a woman look both 'proper and seductive- practical and sexy'.

Ofcourse there are many designers out there with their own interpretation of the wrap dress, however it is an amazing feat that the label has managed to navigate its way for over 40 years to stay relevant in a woman's life.

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