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Meet our iconic wrap dress that does it all

Founded in year 2018, the label now extends beyond wrap dresses & produces capsule collections that supports women in being the best version of themselves.

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  1. [PRE-ORDER] Satin Slip Skirt (Brown)
  2. [PRE-ORDER] Amelyn Linen Vest (Black)
  3. [PRE-ORDER] Amelyn Linen Vest (Sand)
  4. [PRE ORDER] Satin Slip Skirt (Black)
  5. [PRE ORDER] Satin Slip Skirt (Aloe)
  6. [PRE ORDER] Amelyn Linen Vest (White)
  7. Dani Wrap Top
  8. Kate Side-Tie Midi Wrap Dress (Zenya)
  9. Zoe Collared Midi Wrap Dress
  10. Diane Collared Midi Wrap Dress
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